• Southerly


    • Status: Available
    • Length: 9.7536m
    • Year: 1982

    Malmo, a Southerly 95 is a Dick Carter design, one of the few really shallow draught modern yachts available. She has a pilot house with interior steering, the wedge shaped drop keel also acts as a su...

  • Westerly Konsort

    Isle of Wight

    • Status: Available
    • Length: 8.9m
    • Year: 1980

    Manumit, a Westerly Konsort, is one of Westerly's most long-lived designs with over 700 built during a 12-year period. Manumit has an impressive package for a 29' yacht: roomy enough for four people a...

  • Dufour

    Cowes, Isle of Wight

    • Status: Available
    • Length: 8.3m
    • Year: 1982

    Allegresse is from the well-known Dufour Yard in France. This model has been well-proven over the years, both in private ownership and in the Mediterranean charter market. In this sphere they excelle...

  • Natant 24

    Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, Hampshire

    • Status: Underoffer
    • Length: 7.32m
    • Year: 1989

    Harlequin, a Natant 24 is a two berth displacement motor cruiser that is very capable of coastal cruising. She has a wide beam which gives a surprising amount of space for her length together with a l...

  • Tes

    Isle of Wight

    • Status: Available
    • Length: 6.8m
    • Year: 2004

    Tess is one of the class of futuristic yachts being built from the Polish yard Tes Yachts. This very innovative style of interior design has brought new ideas to the interior of these boats, with lot...