• Hunter Horizon 23

    Yarmouth Harbour, Isle of Wight, Hampshire

    • Status: Available
    • Length: 6.985m
    • Year: 1990

    A compact family cruiser, the Hunter Horizon 23 offers a comfortable interior with very good sailing ability, and particularly easy handling, with a fractional rig with self-tacking jib. The Horizon 2...

  • Purbrook Herron

    Lymington, Hamshire

    • Status: Available
    • Length: 7.0104m
    • Year: 1964

    Alice is a Purbrook Heron design that was conceived by Hugh Rossiter and Charles Purbrook at their yard in Christchurch. Having previously only built smaller open boats and dinghies, the Heron was bi...

  • Manta

    Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

    • Status: Available
    • Length: 5.7912m
    • Year: 1977

    Piglettina is a Manta 19 They were created by the Austrian designer Anton Miglich as a small cruiser/racer. David Hutchinson of Blakes Marine negotiated permission to build 200 Manta 19s in the UK und...